Russell Garwood


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About me

I grew up near Cambridge, UK, and moved to London in 2003 to study an MSci in Geology at Imperial College. I subsequently completed a PhD in Palaeobiology at Imperial, and then ran the CT lab at the Natural History Museum, London, for six months. Since then I have been a member of staff at Manchester University, at first splitting my time between Manchester, Diamond Light Source in Oxfordshire, and London. In October 2012 I started 1851 Research Fellowship looking at early insects, and in 2015 relocated to Manchester, and took up a lectureship in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences.

In addition to research, I like to spend my time doing journalism, listening to music, watching films, running, and spending time in museums and galleries. My musical tastes are varied; I listen to anything from extreme metal to jazz, with a healthy dose of electronic genres, rock, post-rock, classical, and a number of other styles thrown in. My tastes in cinema are similarly hard to tie down; I'm a big fan of horror and world cinema, and watch several films a week, spanning genres from film noir and action to drama, sci-fi and silent movies.